Mailing Lists

One of the key benefits associated with the Internet Press Guild is access to our group of mailing lists.  They include:

  • ipg-l: Our main discussion list, focused on topics related to the craft of internet reporting, changes in the reporting field, and leads on interesting positions.
  • ipg-link: A place where members can share their most recent work. Fellow members are encouraged to help in promoting interesting stories.
  • ipg-pol: A list for political discussions. Early on, we identified that political discussions can be charged and have a negative impact on our main list. As a result, we’ve created this separate list for people interested in political topics.
  • ipg-smz: A place to schmooze. A more social list, where topics that may not fit in the above categories can be entertained. Often time, as a thread veers off the core topic of a given list, we send it to smz so people interested in continuing the thread can do so, while others do not have to.

“Badges, we don’t need no stinkin’ badges”

The IPG lists are a place for civil discourse. For over two decades, the basic rule of “you own your own words,” has worked to preserve the balance of our discussions and ensure that all members get a fulfilling experience. We consider all discussions held on the list as private and not for public sharing. If you want to share something mentioned in a list thread, please contact the author and get his/her permission before publishing the content.